"I'm not concerned about Satan."
- Bishop Charles Ellis III

An 8½-foot-tall bronze monument featuring a goat-headed Satan will be unveiled at a secret, ticketed event in Detroit in July. The statute was originally going to be unveiled at Bert’s Warehouse in Detroit; however, the venue canceled its involvement due to protests by church leaders and residents.

The 1½-ton Baphomet, which is backed by an inverted pentagram and flanked by statues of two young children, one white the other black, gazing up at the creature, shows Satan with horns, hooves, wings and a beard.

The statue and the goals of the Satanic Temple group are suspicious to many Detroiters.

When asked about the plans and agenda of the Satanic Temple Bishop Charles Ellis III, pastor of the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit and Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Incorporated, said he is not concerned about a statue depicting Satan being unveiled in the city because America “was built on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.”

Here are 5 reasons why you and the Bishop should be concerned:
Not On Our Watch

1. They want to get rid of Christianity. They are motivated by a passionate and anti-intellectual hate of Christianity. The Satanic Temple claims to be a group that advocates for the separation of church and state; however, the truth is they seek to destroy Christianity. In an interview with MLive Jex Blackmore, leader of the Detroit chapter, says: “I think a large part of the (problem) is because we have a Judeo-Christian structure.” She goes on to say in another interview with MLive that their goal is to separate superstition from deeply held religious beliefs. By superstition, she means the Christian Faith and theistic religion in general. You cannot respect something and call it superstition at the same time. You cannot tolerate a belief system that you believe is a large part of the problem with a society. Maybe Bishop Ellis should be concerned about an atheist political action group that attempts to use the law and media to root out the very beliefs that make him a Bishop?

2. They are trolls. What is a troll? A troll is a smart and savvy disruptor. Usually, found in chat rooms and on Facebook pages trolls have crossed over from the virtual world to the real world. Trolls use fake names. They harass people. They attempt to infiltrate groups. They breed confusion and discord. They deliberately offend. They espouse fake controversial views. They attempt to be provocative so they can cause confusion within a group. The Satanic Temple fits this description perfectly. They have tried to adopt a highway for Satan, attempted a black mass and have desecrated a gravesite all in the name of sincere religious expression. These acts are not about worship, dialogue or the common good. They are deliberate acts of satirical aggression.

3. They are organized to confuse people. They are not interested in dialogue or religious freedom. They are a group that mocks religion. They are intellectual terrorist. They aim to create chaos and promote confusion in the name of religion about the meaning of religious freedom in America. In fact, when the public discovered the Satanic Temple in January 2013 in Tallahassee, Florida, a hired actor was leading them. Trolls, like the Satanic Temple, use anonymity and fake identities to create confusion. They hide their meeting locations. They use fake names. They have no real ties to Detroit. They are not defenders of freedom or justice. The Satanic Temple is simply trying to manipulate and manufacture a misguided public opinion.

4. They are not a real religion. The Satanic Temple is not a religious group. They are an atheist political action group. They are the self-proclaimed “poison pill in the church – state debate.” Trolls are bullies. In a blog post, Jex Blackmore forcefully claims the Satanic Temple will take every opportunity to fight what she describes as faith-based initiatives and the dominance of a single faith [the Christian Faith] within the law.

5. They want to hijack the legacy of the civil rights movement. Trolls act concerned about social justice issues, but they are not. They create a false identity and promote a point of view opposite of what they actually believe. They claim to share common goals, but actually don’t. In an MLive interview about the ‘Snaketivity Scene’, the Detroit chapter leader claimed that she would prefer that no religious iconography was displayed on Capital grounds or state grounds, but felt that in the interest of freedom and equality a satanic monument would promote diversity. She continued that her real goal to kill engrained superstitions [Christianity] would not allow her to do what she preferred. So in the name of civil rights and diversity she must make a stand. It is insensitive and disrespectful for a Satanist to hijack the language of the civil rights movement. First, the civil rights movement in America was led by key religious figures like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was a Christian reverend. He was a man who held what the satanic temple calls engrained superstitions. Second, Jex Blackmore, a graduate of the University of Michigan and her small band have no track record of fighting for diversity at the University of Michigan, in employment, housing or other areas where the traditional civil rights movement has legitimate concerns and has made significant breakthroughs.

Fake names, fake goals and a fake religion are laughable in the virtual world of social media and online chat rooms; however, when they are used to hijack a real movement, undermine a real religion and destroy the body politic – we should all be concerned.

2 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Bishop Charles Ellis III and You Should Be Concerned About the Satanic Temple”

  1. Robert says:

    You should also know that the Satanic Temple’s leader, Doug Mesner (goes by Lucien Greaves), is irrefutably tied to the racist white power book “Might is Right”

    In this interview he admits to promoting and illustrating the book:

    Here is his photo, shown promoting and selling merchandise for the book:

    So it’s indisputable that Mesner read the book and was impressed with it enough to illustrate it and promote it.
    Here is the edition where you can see his work:

    As you can see the book is highly regarded among violent White Power groups, as it includes a forward by one-time White Power gang member George Eric Hawthorn, who now goes by the name George Burdi. It also includes a letter of support from Katja Lane, wife and supporter of David Lane – a violent white nationalist who was founder of The Order. You can see more supporters at mightisright.net

    Here are some quotes from the book:
    “What white father for example, would encourage the marriage of a hulking thick skulled Negro with his beautiful and accomplished daughter?”
    “You have only to look at some men, to know that they belong to an inferior breed. Take the Negro for example. His narrow cranial development, his prognathous jaw, his projecting lips.”

  2. Pastor Gregory says:

    I have never heard of such cowardly statements by a Bishop, a very trusted member of the community. God doesn’t need him and neither does the city of Detroit.

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